Change in store for 2020

My retirement from Rogers Media was announced this week. By year’s end, I will be spending much more time in weekend mode. At least for a period.

Although I’ve known I was going to do this for a while, it really doesn’t sink in until you see the memo. SVP of Rogers Radio, Julie Adam, crafted an eloquent and flattering note to my colleagues to share the news.

Instant accolades, good wishes, surprise and concern filled the inbox. “Congrats”, “happy for you”, “envious”, “was this your call”? “Hope everything is ok”.

It’s a really nice feeling. Thank you.

And yes everything is ok.

I’ll need to adjust from 12-14 hour days being “on” but I am excited about what’s next.

I will live life as well as I can (that’s not about money) be grateful for what I have, save a little, invest a little, give a little, take a little, take advantage of any good luck along the way and recover quickly from the misfortunes and detours on the journey. Simple huh?

All my career I have steadfastly believed that my best days are in front of me. Everyday. I feel that way today. It’s a frame of mind. I am also a firm advocate that humans can retain the ability to keep learning and growing until we leave this world. So I’m going to keep learning and growing. I also feel I have a lot to give back after a long and rewarding radio career…….that’s not over yet. So I’m going to give back.

It’s all about attitude.

I spoke to a few close friends and confidants ahead of the announcement and doing so was cathartic. Conversation after conversation, everyone made me feel like it was the right thing and whatever I do next, will be amazing.

Feels good knowing you’re not alone and there’s a lot of supporters in my life. Both personally and professionally.

I’ll make sure to return the positive energy.

Now…….to look for a metal detector.


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