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  • Good Morning, I’m your live, local, powered by predictive AI morning host

    Good Morning, I’m your live, local, powered by predictive AI morning host

    Imagine a future where you wake up and turn on your favorite radio station and the first thing you hear is a computer generated voice greeting you with the Joey Tribbiani, “hey, how you doin’?” It’s going to happen. Maybe sooner than we think. OK, maybe not Joey’s voice. For the sceptics, think about this,…

  • I’m in Love! Love is blind! Re-visited!!!!

    I’m in Love! Love is blind! Re-visited!!!!

    5 years ago today, I wrote this blog about Canada’s 150th Birthday. It has aged surprisingly well….

  • We’ve moved again!

    We’ve moved again!

    Relocating has never been an uncomfortable concept to us. In 40 years of marriage we’ve sold and bought and rented 10 homes. Up until now, our residential adventures have exclusively been the result of a new employment opportunity for me. Although there were times we’d have preferred not to move, in hindsight, it was always…

  • First Flight in 2 years

    First Flight in 2 years

    Up until this weekend, the last time I was on a plane? November 21st 2019. None of us knew what was coming so that occasion went uncelebrated. I went to Jamaica with my son. Back then, I took a short haul from Ottawa to Toronto on a Saturday night and stayed at an airport hotel…

  • Warming up a weary crowd at the Capitol!!

    Warming up a weary crowd at the Capitol!!

    If I’d been asked by The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies to speak to the DC crowd a bit before the main attraction. This is what I’d say…….. Good morning neighbours and friends of Canada. Thanks for the chance to speak here at the Capitol before your 46th President, Joe Biden comes out to…

  • Radio!!!! Down but not out!!!

    Radio!!!! Down but not out!!!

    This time of year has always been special for me. When I woke up on Thursday morning my immediate thoughts were of “Ratings Day”. I’d almost forgotten!!!! This week is when the Fall radio Diary results are normally released across Canada. I say normally but not this year. I will explain later. Fall ratings can…

  • Why 1970 was the greatest year of my life.

    Why 1970 was the greatest year of my life.

    When speaking with friends and radio fans over the decades, a very common denominator is the universal “I love that song” moment. “It reminds me of….. (insert here). Well, I’m listening to the July 4th Edition of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem from 1970 and guess what? “I love that song” Moment!!!! This is…

  • Fare thee well love

    Fare thee well love

    We lived in Nova Scotia for 2 and a half years. It was life changing. In many communities, even passing people on the street means eyes down and feet moving. In Nova Scotia, standing in line for Tim’s or entering an elevator meant you’d soon know a great deal more about the person next to…

  • It’s ok to be anxious!!

    It’s ok to be anxious!!

    Feeling afraid and anxious are normal emotions, especially now. We’re officially a global village.

  • Just another cover up!!

    Just another cover up!!

    Then he pulled out a note and handed it to Dawn and said, “look what I found inside the chair”. It was a note from Dawn’s Grandma Anderson. It was dated October 1984. It provided providence about the chair’s history. It went back to at least 1934 when they purchased it.