I’m in Love! Love is blind! Re-visited!!!!

5 years ago today, I wrote this blog about Canada’s 150th Birthday. It has aged surprisingly well in my opinion, and I can tell you it has been read nearly 1,000 times from humans (and bots) all around the world! I’m revisiting it today and sharing the original on Canada’s 155th birthday! It’s been a crazy 5 years, no? I’m pleased that what I considered Canada’s strengths 5 years ago, still are today! And many of those positive attributes helped get us through the pandemic, better than most other Countries in the world. COVID has taken a terrible toll on all of us and I know fatigue set in long ago, but you have to admit, history will show Canada as a country that took the pandemic seriously and took some difficult steps to fight it and keep us safe and healthy. All of that is debatable and should be. Yes, I know our Canada credit card keeps getting maxed and we keep getting our limit increased but hopefully we can keep up with the payments and even work on the balance as the years go buy. (I know that’s wishful thinking, but I’m being “half full” as usual).

Obviously what I wrote about First Nations 5 years ago is far from resolved and the news only became more grim and shameful with the residential schools mass graves discoveries! I can’t help but shake my head every time I read and hear more information about our darkest chapter. We can and must do better!!

I did not foresee a Freedom convoy in our future back then either, as it was laughable to even consider some citizens would feel their rights have been taken away from them!!!!!! Really??? It’s laughable still. Government mandates??? Don’t get me started. While we are on the topic of shameful, what happened in February in Ottawa and other locations was the low point. It bummed me out to no end the way that group used the pandemic response to try and divide the Country. Was the response handled perfectly? Far from it. Thankfully, educated decision makers, combined with the actual right of law and order eventually prevailed as has the justice system to date.

I know it’s lazy and not necessarily empathetic to use comparisons to help make ourselves feel better about our situation, but comparisons make sense here. To see what’s happening in Ukraine, Russia, the fall out for countries who are literally starving to death and our closest ally the United States, don’t talk to me about “rights”. We’re the luckiest people on earth. I believed it then and believe it today!

I have spent 2 and half years of the past 5 in retirement and at the time I wrote the blog, I didn’t anticipate that either. It’s been wonderful, honestly, and it’s given me a chance to really pursue my passion for photography. I did feel many periods of guilt while I watched my beloved radio industry struggle like never before.

So, here we are, July 1st 2022…..Canada Day, our 155th birthday!!

Celebrate today because you can!!!! Ain’t we lucky?

Original post as follows…... published July 1st 2017!!

I am in Love. Head over heels in love. I get a warm feeling every time I think of the object of my affection. I don’t merely mean I have a “fondness of”, or an “attraction to” or a “proclivity towards”, I mean unadulterated, “jump in front of a bus for” love.

How did I get to be so lucky? Does everyone feel this way when they are in love?


What’s not to love? While the world is in chaos, our biggest worry usually revolves around the conditions of our weather.

I’m NOT pulling the ‘Three Wise Monkeys” proverb, think about it……..our core Canadian beliefs, values and assets;

-Access to Universal Health Care, Social Assistance, Public Education
-World class researchers, doctors, specialists, scientists and scholars
-An intellectual community of the brightest and best professionals and trades
-World class transportation infrastructure, urban planning and architecture
-World class artists, musicians, actors and athletes
-A balanced and independent Judiciary
-An open and independent election process
-Law, Order & Enforcement
-Freedom of expression
-Human Rights
-Multiculturalism and Official Bilingualism
-Clean water, breathtaking geography, scenery and 4 seasons
-Abundant fisheries, forestry and farming
-Rich and plentiful resources
-Rocky Mountains and The Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans
-A thoughtful and independent public broadcaster in the CBC
-An immigration policy of compassion and opportunity
-A NEXT generation
-Tim Horton’s

There’s a song by The Five Man Electrical Band entitled, “I’m a stranger here’.

One of the lyrics reads, “oh you crazy fools, don’t you know you had it made? You were living in paradise”.

I know……right?

So today, July 1st 2017, we will all celebrate 150 years of living in this great Country. We’ll have family and friends and strangers around us in our own homes and communities, at parks, halls, campgrounds, cottages, backyards, on the water and in care facilities. We’ll have Bar-B-Q’s and bands and fireworks and flags, beer and burgers, Maple Leaf T-shirts and removable tattoos on our cheeks.

In our Nations’ Capital, under extremely tight security, we’ll experience the culmination of many months of planning and many millions of dollars of investment as Parliament Hill hosts royalty, the PM, Government officials, entertainment (Canadian and Irish) and what is sure to be the most spectacular fireworks show ever in Canada. And oh ya, 400-500 thousand people throughout the day. It’s going to be insane. How exciting.

So what’s wrong with me then? If I’m so in love with Canada, what’s up?


I’ve been wrestling with my feelings these past few months about Canada 150. When you’re in love with something, as I am, it’s hard to hear it being criticized. I mean, “How dare they”?

Truth is, I am listening to the criticism. You’ve heard it too.

It hurts….. because the truth hurts right?

As such, I am not scoffing at or dismissing or disrespecting the protest messages of many of our indigenous communities. What better time for them, than this Canada Day, to raise the level of awareness surrounding their historically documented authentic grievances. We’ve all seen the bullet points……”150 years of Colonialism is nothing to celebrate”. “Canada is a lot older than 150 years”. “Indigenous land claims”, “Mercury Contaminated Rivers” “Residential School Horrors” “Conditions on Reserves”, “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women”, “Truth and Reconciliation Committee”. It’s a lot to take in!!! I feel ashamed sometimes even though I know I am not personally responsible for the past. However, let those who are free of ever hearing, telling or laughing at a racist joke about First Nations throw the first platitude. Shameful! As a citizen of this Country that I love, I think I do have a responsibility, and have a role to play moving forward. Of all we have accomplished and all we can be proud of to become the envy of the world in the last 150 years, our “Colonized” Nation has a lot to account for with First Nations. Don’t get mad at that, don’t start laying blame at anyone and most importantly, let’s as Canadians, not give up trying to make things better for all of us. The damage is deep and solutions complicated. I only have my opinion, not answers, so I will not preach or point fingers. But I do know of all the nations on earth, we in Canada have the capacity to figure this out. Because that’s what we do. And have done for at least the past century and a half.

In the meantime, God it feels so good to be so in love!!!!!!

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!

One response to “I’m in Love! Love is blind! Re-visited!!!!”

  1. Nice top-up DK. Spot-on assessment on the “Freedom” Convoy. Why do people choose to divide, when the opposite is actually easier and multitudes more productive? Fortunately for those of us that saw through their addled message, it only served to strengthen our love of country. Happy Canada Day.

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