Rolling Stones Unzipped

Rolling Stones fans will LOVE the exhibit of nearly 300 articles at #THEMUSEUM in Kitchener entitled #Unzippedkw In terms of quality, this finely curated collection of Stones photos, equipment, instruments, posters, song and lyric sheets, album art and posters, stage fashion wardrobes and a few other visual treats like a replica recording studio and a realistic reconstruction of their Edith Grove Flat, are laid out in a world class presentation. It fills virtually the entire museum.

I took it all in this week with my son, who has been a big Stones fan all his life. He didn’t have a choice on that. He and I attended their concert in 2006 in Ottawa. We were about 5 rows from the stage. Amazing.

I would check ahead if you’re planning on attending as the end date seems unclear. I believe COVID has had an impact on the actual dates. Fans will not be disappointed.

I took nearly 100 photos. In no particular order, about 60 are displayed here. I hope you enjoy.

Replica studio
Interactive station allows the user to remix a Stones song
Lots of Mick art
Touring stage designs
Various information on most items
Set lists
Voodoo Lounge
Song lyrics early stages
Their first contract
Guitars everwhere
Some terrific photos all over
Everyone you know was there, right?
Concert poster
Lots of Keith guitars
Album art
Mick’s various outfits
The iconic logo
More concert posters
More album art
Stage design early drawings
Ronnie Wood guitars
Stage design
They know how to look big in concert
More info on style
This is the show my son and I attended
Early mixing board
Visitors are greeted with this huge sign
Museum cafe
Stones on TV section
Edith Grove flat
Album art
Styling photos
Early photos
Edith Grove flat kitchen as described by Mick and Keith
More Ronnie Wood
Iconic tongue that changed colours every few seconds
Keith guitars
More Mick costumes
Mick self portraits
Even more Keith guitars
Mick is a tiny man
Darryl Jones Bass
Charlie Watts early set of Ludwig drums
Concert poster art
Iconic album covers
Sympathy for the devil performance costumes
Early photo
More album art
Concert poster
Interactive tour aggregated attendance
Album art
A snowy day outside the museum
Sign before Edith Grove replica flat
Concert poster art

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