Are you crying?…..there’s no crying in blogging!!


There is not a lot of testosterone in these words. I cried this week. It wasn’t an outright bawling, but definitely had the full eyes of tears and the running nose. It didn’t last long. I was sad for a few moments and the taps started. It felt bad, but ok. Pretty good actually because as much as I did not like the reasons for crying, it made me feel in touch with my emotions and made my feelings seem more genuine. How are we supposed to respond to emotions?

I realized I get teary more often than I thought.

Virtually every time I hear the crescendo of Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti, when Chuck (Tom Hanks) loses Wilson at sea, reminiscing certain moments I’ve had with people, (usually through music), seeing others cry in anguish or happiness in front of me (how about those reunion videos with kids and their Mom or Dad in the service?) and of course, tears of joy like the birth of a child. Or a free 6/49 play.

I did some research on why we cry. Interesting. There are 3 types of crying.

  1. Basal – They keep your eye lubricated.
  2. Reflex – Those are the onion juice tears.
  3. Psychic – Strong emotions. Happy, sad, mad, pain and stress.

Most of us seem to be ashamed or embarrassed for crying. I get told that all the time. People always apologize to me if they break down in front of me. I always take it as a good sign that people feel comfortable enough to tear up while we’re talking.

I heard an interview recently about how bad it is for a woman to cry at work. What a crock I thought, I don’t think it is bad at all. They did reference crying as a weakness in meetings if you get caught up with a bully or someone who is really challenging you. I guess that’s true. The suggestion was to concede a standstill and pick it up in another time. “We are not accomplishing anything here, so let’s take a break and meet again tomorrow”. I say tear up whenever you need to. Our bodies release fluids……what’s the big deal? And we are human beings. If you know someone who never shows emotion….crying or otherwise, I’m worried.


McCoy the Magnificent Mentor


I have a ton of respect for this guy. I heard him being interviewed on a podcast this week and it really took me back. The host was Matt Cundill, who I do not know, but he did a great job with it.  Click the link to hear it.

This McCoy fella……..well, him I know. He’s mostly retired living in Phoenix Arizona and is doing some consulting. He hired me at CHED…….but I never really worked for him there as he was promoted to National Program Director of Moffat Communications before I started. I worked with him in one way or another for the next 35 years. Crazy. He will tell you that he fired me and rehired for a better job a few times over my career. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I have always considered him a mentor and a supporter of me. That’s why the podcast made such an impression on me, as well as I think I know him, I heard all this new and wise commentary on what he thinks radio is about these days. Impressive.

A quick Chuck story……….I was promo guy at CHED and modestly, had a lot of connections in Edmonton. Pat Bohn asked me to get Chuck a Vacation trip and I was able to swing one to Maui. Nothing under the table, but took some wrangling. Chuck was very thankful and gave me………. a desk clock. I still have it but it’s in a box somewhere. I should Flava Flav that bad boy one day.

He will be in Toronto for CMW later this month to help induct his late brother Gary Russell into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame…..of which Chuck is already a member. I look forward to catching up with him. He’ll say, “Hi, who are you again”? “Didn’t I fire you”? “Do you effing comply” and several other timeless lines. Can’t wait.

Food Pics

Finally this week, a shout out to my buddies Darren and Lumby………I was minding my own business on Thursday evening when Darren kindly sent me a “Monster Steak” picture from the farm…..and a following shot with the man who hates all food pics……….he wasn’t impressed. Never is. It certainly made me want to be there. Cheers lads.

Thanks for reading……….

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