Doing the right thing doesn’t always feel right…. but Canada does the right thing again. 

It’s been difficult to read the emotional, angry  and inflamed feedback to the Omar Khadr story this week. It’s so easy to conclude Canada has allegedly paid a terrorist $10.5 million. Full stop. Nice job if you can get it right? Murder someone and get a pay check and apology.

That’s not what happened. Far from it.  Canada made a mistake. Not our first, not our last.  The only thing worse than making a mistake though is not to correct it. Canada did the right thing by correcting it. What mistake you ask? In a 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Canadian Government which means Foreign Affairs and CSIS violated the fundamental rights of a Canadian citizen by interviewing him while in US custody and then sharing that information with the knowledge that he had been subjected by US authorities to a sleep deprivation technique. Aka torture.

Khadr was seeking repatriation back to Canada and may have thought he was being helped. There’s nothing simple about this story.

I read the Supreme Court decision that led to the settlement of the alleged $10.5 million and apology. Keep in mind, this is the decision, not the settlement. That would subsequently be negotiated between foreign affairs and Khadr’s legal team.  Here is the link. You can make your own assessment but do it on the facts, not the rhetoric. Canada v. Khadr.

After years in Gitmo, I would probably confess to anything to ease the pain and suffering. I think I would? Hope I never have to find out.

Canada has an obligation to protect the rights of all Canadians. Even if it doesn’t feel right on the surface. Canada blew it here. Canada settled a judgment handed down by the most powerful and respected judiciary in our land. If we don’t trust this court, what are we to trust? And here we are. I think now only time will tell if we’ve been taken. But at least we didn’t look the other way when it comes to fundamental rights of Canadians. There is a much larger cost to us all if we did.

In terms of why we are even talking about this? I’ll keep it short. After 9/11, the world went crazy. I know it changed my life. I have never been the same. I never thought I would see war in my life. I thought that was a thing of the past. My goodness, how wrong could I be? The US went for revenge and then justice in that order. I’m being disingenuous if I say I wasn’t cheering for them and us.

It hasn’t turned out well for the world. When fighting for real estate against other armies and tanks and weapons, no country can match the force of the US. Remember Kuwait? But this is a war of religion against enemies who believe killing innocent people is an honour. It’s been 16 years. I’m tired of it all. But let’s not give up. None of us. Knowledge is mightier than the sword. Right?

Did you know…..

  • Jay Hamilton’s go fund me page was at $4,000+ as of last night. Awesome. I spoke to Jay last weekend it was amazing to catch up with him.
  • I spoke with my Mom too last weekend. Great call. She told me she reads my blog every week and enjoys it. She also said it was the only way she knows what I’m up to, so I called BS on that. Too funny. We’re going to speak more often in person. Versus seeing what she’s up to on Facebook. Pretty tech savvy women for an octogenarian. And some. Love you Mom. Xx
  • I’m travelling next week to Winnipeg for a couple of days and the week after to North Bay, Sudbury and Timmins. Love those markets and will love the drive.
  • Watching Twin Peaks The Return. Crazy. Episode 8 is probably better on lysergic acid diethylamide. Oh Harry.
  • Blues fest is on in Ottawa. A great outdoor festival. 100’s of acts, 1000’s of people and 10,000’s of adult beverages. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Have a great Sunday.

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