10 pounds of words, in a 5 pound bag!

For the first time since I began writing this blog, I feel like that author sitting at their Underwood typewriter, feeding a blank paper into the roller, staring at it, pecking a few key strokes, ripping it out, crumpling it up, throwing it in the trash can, leaning back on the chair locking hands on their head with a deep sigh………and then repeating the procedure. All this without the cigarette or a Scotch highball/neat.

It’s not writer’s block, I actually have too much to write about, it’s more about where to begin.

Alright blank sheet…….take this………

I’m going to PyeongChang South Korea in February with my son Brady and Brother-in-law Pat. My travel plans in winter have almost always been limited to driving to London once a month or so to visit our Grand Daughters. We actually were thinking of taking a one week all-inclusive vacation in 2018, something we haven’t done for decades.

So how did we go from Mr. & Mrs. in Barbados to Father/Son in Seoul?

My other son Adam, as many of you know, is the coach for Team Rachel Homan.

Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Joanne Courtney, Lisa Weagle and Alternate Cheryl Kreviazuk are reigning Canadian and World Champions in Women’s Curling.


They were the victors at the Roar of The Rings Olympic qualifier (pictured above) in Ottawa a few weeks ago. As such, they will now go on to represent Canada at the Olympics and Adam will be joining them. There is not a chance I would miss the opportunity to see them compete for Canada on that world stage. To get to where they are took a ton of work, amazing skill and a clear focus. Without question, the competition along the way was all world class.


I don’t even want to think about a podium appearance, but there is no doubt, they are capable of winning a medal. We are beyond excited for all of them.

Dawn will not join us. As much as I’d love to have her on the trip, I don’t think she’d love the itinerary. Frankly, I’m not thrilled about that part either, but……


We leave on a Sunday in February from Toronto at 11:30 in the morning and 13 hours, 45 minutes later, we arrive in Seoul on Monday afternoon around 4p. Yes, a 14 hour flight and a 14 hour time change. Then we take the new KTX high speed train from Inchon airport to Gangneung, which is about 250kms away on the other coast. Return flight is the day after Closing Ceremonies after the same train back to Inchon, we leave Seoul at 5pm and get into Toronto on Monday at 3p. I did get us exit row seats on a Boeing 777 300-ER if that’s any consolation. That return flight is booked solid which makes sense that many members of Team Canada will be coming home that day too.

Accommodations for the 7 nights are a challenge. I do have a room booked but it’s basically 3 mattresses on a floor and a bar fridge all for $400.00 a night. Good location though. Where is my friend Deneen Perrin from Fairmount when I need her? Brady tells me there is a 7-11 across the street so we can at least survive on Slurpees and Hoagies for a week.


Actual Hotel room booked!

We still have to work out tickets for events and Brady and I may even do some reports back to the Rogers stations that want to hear from us. I wonder if my boss Julie will let me expense the trip then? Probably not.

So, an exciting journey coming up and I am so hopeful for Rachel, Emma, Lisa and Jo…..they have worked most of their lives for this opportunity and I know they will enjoy every moment of it. Adam is honoured to be part of their journey to get here and is as proud of them as anyone can be.

Love these official Canadian Olympic Committee photos.

In case you need a schedule to watch…….


Good luck Team Canada!!!!!!

Snowsuit Fund Staff and Volunteer Dinner 

I am proud to be on the Board of the Snowsuit Fund in Ottawa. It’s been another banner year for distribution of snowsuits for children. Now that it’s close to wrapping up for the season, they held the annual Christmas dinner for the staff. I attended along with some other members of the board. It was a nice evening at Mill Street Brew Pub on Wellington in Ottawa right on the River. It’s a landmark location.

That evening, Chair Taryn Gunnlaugson and General Manager Joanne Andrews recognized Past Board Members – Krista Kealey & Sylvie Bigras

They also presented awards to Employees for their service. It was quite special.

Sue Ellis – 30 years
Alena Gabor – 25 years
Jane Roney – 15 years
Heather Peck – 15 years
Joelle Sylvain – 10 years

Congratulations everyone!!!!!!

But when is fine, fine?

I do have to relay a funny story about one of the conversations at the table. I overheard Board members Krista, Taryn and Andrea Gaunt discussing the usual things 3 power females discuss at dinner when the word “fine” came up in conversation.

Krista; “How was your Cosmopolitan”?

Andrea; “Fine”

Taryn; “well fine isn’t good, it’s just ok”

I had to jump into the fray immediately as this word makes its way into our home vernacular all the time……

Danny; “Fine is good, not just ok….that was a fine dinner….I say that all the time to my wife”

Krista; “no, you can’t say that, fine is just “FINE” it’s an insult”

Danny; “Nuh uh, fine is FINE……that means it was of high quality, it was FINE”

Well, we agreed to disagree the rest of the night and definitely beat it to death. What about ‘Fine Egyptian Cotton 1000 thread sheets’? What about Fine dining?

Fine adjective
1. of high quality.
“this was a fine piece of filmmaking”
synonyms: excellent, first-class, first-rate, great, exceptional, outstanding, quality, superior, splendid, magnificent, exquisite, choice, select, prime, supreme, superb, wonderful, superlative, of high quality, second to none; More

I say fine means fine…………and these ladies are Fine!!!!


How did your stock perform this year?

stock market

2017 has been a terrific year for me. There is so much to be thankful for.  I am happy that the investments I made have gained value. Much of the achievement has come from experience, good advice, planning, discipline, patience, knowledge, effort and some good fortune.

I’m not talking about financials here……..this is my personal stock.

We make and take our own paths. We are the boss of us…..right?

  • How do you treat others?
  • How do you treat yourself?
  • Do you love yourself?
  • Do you even like yourself?
  • Do you love others?
  • Do you eat well?
  • Do you sleep well?
  • Do you exercise?
  • Do you relax?
  • Do you have fun?
  • Do you give back to the community?
  • Do you want to change?
  • Why are you not changing then?

To me, these are all the investments I am talking about. Make the investments and stick with them and you will see your stock value increase.

I also think you should ask if you are you committed to lifelong learning?

Case in point, this blog. I wanted an outlet to write for a long time. I wasn’t sure what I’d write, but I knew I had stuff I wanted out of my brain and on the record. It’s been a bit like a diary which is normally very personal, a bit like a biography which is often a tell all and a bit of op-ed, but not much. I don’t soapbox well. For me, I get satisfaction writing and I believe when you do something of interest with commitment and repetition, you will improve at that task or skill. Plus, I rarely do not think of my grand children when I’m writing and I picture them reading my blog when they are older and hoping that they think it was cool that I did this…….albeit old fashioned. It’s been a year now and I am glad I did.

Were you satisfied with your personal stock performance in 2017?

What will you do in 2018 to increase the value?

Did you know……..

  • I invented a new omelet? I call it Cheese Skin Omelet. Cheese on the outside, not inside. See the magic develop below. It’s very good.
  • Wearing socks to bed can help you sleep better? It’s true. It does nothing to enhance intimacy though. Your call.
  • I am so happy to be working with the Jack PD’s in Halifax, Smiths Falls and London in 2018.
  • I’ve used Amazon twice this season. I can see why it’s popular.
  • I can’t wait for a piece of Carrot Cake on Boxing Day. It will have been 365 days since the last one.
  • My wife has her PhD in Holiday planning. Once again, things look pretty good around the house, under the tree and in the fridge.
  • I love Christmas music and movies………. at Christmas.
  • We’ll spend Christmas in Ottawa and then visit Kitchener during the week.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and that you get everything you want and need. Mostly emotionally, but nothing wrong with materialistic desires either. Remember those no longer with us, and consider helping others when you can.

Thanks for reading this blog in 2017……….it’s been a good “investment” for me to write.

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  1. OMG, DK, I just read this blog post – too funny!!!! FINE is clearly in the eye or palate of the beholder! I hope you and your family are well and safe.

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